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Jo Minney is a small business founder and web developer based (for now) in Perth, Western Australia. She is passionate about UX, data-driven decision making, cats and travel – not necessarily in that order. She’s also an avid maker, from 3D printing to sewing to woodworking, and loves combining technology and creativity to make cool stuff.

In her non-existent free time, Jo consults with the federally funded Digital Solutions program providing accessible advice and training to Aussie small business owners. She is also an ambassador, sponsor and occasional mentor for She Codes Australia, a not for profit organisation aiming at making tech jobs more accessible for women. Jo is also an international conference speaker, can regularly be found with a microphone in hand speaking about WordPress, accessibility, user experience, imposter syndrome, and pockets.

She is easily recognisable by her bright purple hair and dorky glasses. You can find her on Facebook in the Perth WordPress Community group or Women who WordPress group (both of which she manages), or at the Perth WordPress meetup.


Jo has had a bumpy journey over the past ten years, starting in Science, transitioning into Engineering and ending (for now) in Technology.

Jo started her tertiary studies in Biology, and switched to ‘Hard Science’ in her second year at Murdoch University. After six or so years studying part time while working in a range of laboratories as both a chemist and/or a metallurgical technician, Jo graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering in 2011.

Since graduating, Jo has completed a number of additional qualifications in a range of fields, from SQL to User Experience. Most recently, she has begun her journey towards completing her globally recognised UX Certification.


After graduating, Jo went on to work as a Process Engineer for a number of major Australian mining companies including Rio Tinto and Fortescue Metals. After several years, Jo transitioned into an Information Analyst role reporting to senior management, before being seconded to a software development project as a Product Owner. After the successful development and rollout of the project was concluded Jo left the mining industry to pursue a career in technology, initially intending to focus on working as a Product Owner in Devhouse – a boutique custom software agency owned by her husband (and now, business partner).

Before long Jo realised that she needed more of a challenge, and launched her own small business trading as Business Excelerator. Jo focused on teaching Excel skills and consulting with organisations helping them convert their clunky Excel spreadsheets into sustainable long-term solutions (often in collaboration with her partner in crime at Devhouse). While launching her business Jo found herself needing a website, and got her first taste of WordPress. After creating her own website, Jo also created new websites for Devhouse and IT House and found herself thrown headfirst into the world of web development.

With a solid foundation in SQL and project management, and already having a basic knowledge of HTML & CSS, Jo dedicated herself to learning everything she could about web development until eventually launching House Digital – the third arm of the House Technology Group – in January 2018.

Now a director of the company and managing a team of WordPress Wizards, Jo spends her days managing projects for clients including several high profile organisations including the Architects Board of WA, Business Station, The Town of Victoria Park and Tourism Rockingham. Jo brings to the table broad technical knowledge across a range of industries, and the team at House Digital have created a niche for themselves focusing on user experience and information architecture for organisations, corporates and tourism clients.

As well as her full time job as ‘Digital Happiness Manager’ at House Digital, Jo is also a consultant for the Commonwealth Government funded Digital Solutions program managed by Business Station. Through the program she has assisted over 200 small business owners by delivering consulting, workshops and webinars on topics including online security & data privacy, websites & selling online, and small business software.

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